Test the speed of your site from 13 global locations

FastOrSlow.com tests the speed of your site in browser simulations from 13 locations around the world and delivers results that you can use to increase site performance.

Fast or Slow is the first and only free speed test of the web site in the world that tests your site simultaneously, from multiple geographic locations and gives you real performance results based on real browser simulations.

FastOrSlow.com not only offers you network pinging but the speed of your site. In fact, it tells you how fast your site is from the initial DNS search and how long it takes for HTML to play in your browser. And it does this from 13 locations. Of course, each location can be accessed to generate more details.

Internally, FastOrSlow.com uses Lighthouse, which was designed by Google and is used by them to test the speed of the site. So if your site is fast when you test with FastOrSlow.com Google.com will see just as fast. And since you don’t know what location Google uses to test the speed of your site, it helps you know what the global average speed is and the speed at individual locations.